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Meet the Team!

We are two young women of colour, who are dedicated to helping people maintain momentum off social media-and believe this will make it easier for people to go headfirst into a consistent activist journey.

Amishta Aubeelack


Being a former Member of Youth Parliament and serving on the TfL Youth Panel, I acknowledged from an early age how change is best instigated through words. Having been the creator of a successful online petition, resulting in over 10,000 signatures in two weeks and my letter templates being distributed all over the nation, I am confident in using words to convey the issues of our clients. 

Previous issues covered:

NHS Privatisation

London Oyster Card Youth Policy

Saving Queen Mary Hospital

UK Arms Export (Hong Kong and the US)

Covid-19 BAME Policies

Yemen Crisis

(and more!)

Jasmine Khatri


Having studied both in the UK and China and been active in advocacy, the desire to push for change and to help others do the same is one that I am committed to. Previous action in letters, blog posts and fundraising work for several large organisations has enabled me to hone my skills to deliver letters that represent our clients and the mission statement of Writing for Change - to push for action, one letter at a time.

Previous issues covered:

UK arms exports

The Yemen conflict

Teaching colonial history in schools

The UK government race inequality commission

(and more!)

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