Our Services

At Writing for Change Ltd, we’ve worked hard to offer bespoke letters to a wide range of organisations, businesses and governmental officials.

Our wealth of experience in professional letter writing and knowledge on key matters means we offer impartial, sincere letter writing.
No matter how unique or challenging your request is, you can count on us to find the right solution for you. Browse through our affordable services below, and click the button at the bottom of the page to access our online store!

Posted Letter

Too busy to post yourself? Need it to be delivered urgently? 
Opt for our Posted Letter Service.

Our company acknowledges the certain flair a hand posted letter can diffuse. We are happy to offer our letter posting service to our clients, meaning our clients can go by their everyday life and be rest assured their letter is in safe hands and will be delivered in a quicker manner.

Online Letter

Want to add your own touch?
Opt for our Online Letter service that allows you to edit before you send.

We understand you may want to add your own personal signature, or even send the letter with an accompanying gift and that's why we are happy to provide the letter through an electronic format.

Letter Template

Want your letter have a well-researched and structured backing, but be able to add a personalised and unique touch? Opt for our Letter Template service!

With this service, we will help in providing research and structure so your letter flows in a consistent and persuasive way, allowing you freedom and flexibility to tailor, and the send, a letter that is uniquely you!

Customised Research

Want to take the letter-writing process into your own hands but not sure where to start? The Customised Research Service is for you!

The Customised Research service offers complete flexibility in the writing process of the letter. With this you receive research tailored to the issue of your choice, allowing you to adapt as necessary to ensure your letter conveys what YOU want. The service is perfect for people who wish to write but don't necessarily have the time to do the necessary research!

Advisory Service

For those looking to take the process into their own hands but aren't sure where to start, this service is for you.

The Advisory Service is our most basic service, and at its core seeks to help you plan out and understand what it is you want your letter to achieve. Whether you use this service as an initial step in one of our services or to help you plan your own letter from scratch, the Advisory Service will help lay the groundwork for your act of change.