Welcome to Writing For Change!

Hi Reader!

Welcome to Writing For Change, and to our very first blog post!

As well as writing passionate and professional letters for issues you care about, we are also committed to standing and advocating for these issues as a community. This is where our blog comes in! We'll be posting regularly about different social topics on here to keep you informed. We will also be using this blog as a focal point to keep you updated about the various things happening with the business and forthcoming new initiatives to bring the community together!

So with that, let us introduce our newest initiative, Write For...!

Write For...! is a new bi-weekly web discussion series where we bring special guests each episode to discuss a social or political topic happening in the world, what the problem is and what YOU can do about it! As well as making it available for viewing on our blog, we'll also be uploading it to IGTV and other platforms.

This Sunday, our first episode will launch, dealing with oil spills and focussing on the devastating impact that recently occurred in Mauritius. It promises to be a really insightful and vibrant discussion, so watch this space!

- Writing For Change

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