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Activism and social justice has taken off rapidly in recent months and many people, fresh off the rush of social media performativism, are wondering and struggling on how they can continue to act and maintain pressure. Writing to MPs and other high-profile figures regularly is a way to actively maintain pressure, keep issues in the political sphere and make tangible change.

However, many people work full time jobs, are parents and carers so don’t have time, or just don’t know where to start. A quick search reveals hundreds of templates, tips and more on how to write professional or tailored letters, often overwhelming to a first timer, or someone with limited time. There is also the matter of thorough research and crafting a response.

This is where our business comes in. Run by two young women with backgrounds in politics and international relations, as well as extensive writing experience, our business is backed by knowledge and understanding. Our service is primarily based around providing letter templates and full letters for people to send about issues they are passionate about, along with the research and advice that form the foundation of each individual letter. 

So no matter the issue, our company has the expertise, service range and passion to help you press for tangible change through writing. Start your activist journey today, and take one step forward to pushing for the issues you care about!

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